About Us

QT- Decor.

At QT Decor Shop, we do business a little bit differently. We go out of our way to source materials and curate a collection that does as little harm as possible - to people, communities, and the environment. All of the products we sell are fair trade, eco-friendly, or carry a social mission. They are made by skilled artisans from Vietnam. Each product carries a story of the artisan who lovingly make it, the community where the materials originate, or the centuries-old methods which are used to produce it. We would like to invite you to browse our site and know more about the story behind each product.

QT-Decor is a branch of QTGROUP, LLC, a Vietnam-based organization that connects numerous skillful craftsmen together. Since then, we have created high-quality products and ensured good and long-lasting business orientations.

We always keep our mission in mind when participating in this electronic sales market. We do not only sell products, but we also sell beliefs. Our greatest success is to see our customers' satisfaction of products' quality and customer service.

You could find us by accident. But when you get back and decide to place an order in our store later, it's definitely our efforts that make your decision.

With your love and support, we can continue to improve our products' quality and develop our business and provide our consumers with a better life.



EIN: 30-1324102

Address: 444 ALASKA AVENUE


Phone number: +1 424 477 2421

Email: contact@qtgroupllc.com

Thank you, my beloved friends!